Frequently asked questions

What is a wellness retreat?

While the traditional holiday centres around an indulgent escape, a wellness retreat de-stresses by offering the time and space to slow down. Rather than eating and drinking in excess, wellness activities may include meditation and yoga to recharge and revitalize, while equipping you with healthy habits to take home. As you will explore new destinations, it will be less about sightseeing and more about reconnecting with nature, while you discover more about yourself.

Do I need yoga or meditation experience to join a wellness retreat?

Lumina offers a spectrum of wellness retreats which are categorized according to clients’ experiences and goals: Recreational Retreats Focused on igniting joy and consisting of nature immersions combined with excursions and a meaningful experience such as volunteering. The retreat accommodates beginners and experienced and everyone is welcome to join. This level may include; adventure and trekking holidays, hands-on voluntourism Inspirational Retreats Centred around much-needed self-care, it includes excursions and holistic practitioners offering workshops, classes and activities to inspire personal growth. The opt-in retreat activities accommodate beginners and experienced. This level may include; a spa journey, yoga & meditation experiences, growth workshops
Transformational Retreats Targeting a transformation in life, this retreat includes a compulsory program of workshops, activities and plant-based meal plans. Focused on a specific outcome and supported with life coaching, it requires a commitment to change. This program may include; holistic medical therapies, detoxification, spiritual self-inquiry. Immersive Retreats Developed to provide a new life skill, the full program is compulsory with learnings, practices and assessments to achieve certification. Each program would have specific criteria and participants could embark on new careers! This educational program could be; yoga teacher training, holistic practitioner skills development.

Can I bring my friends, family, partner or kids to a wellness retreat?

For most recreational and inspirational retreats, all are welcome, including children. Bringing loved ones along provides a great opportunity to create memories together and strengthen your bond. For retreats catering to specific client needs, such as solo, couples or families on transformational and immersive levels, guests will be notified of any potential restrictions prior to booking. Our most popular retreat, the Mekong Wellness Cruise, categorized as an Inspiration-level retreat, welcomes all, including children.

What can I expect in terms of accommodation?

Accommodation information can be found on the retreat fact sheets on our website. Lumina only partners with resorts and cruises aligned with our philosophy and with a strong connection to nature. Any venue is visited and vetted by our team and carefully selected to enhance your retreat experience. Our team makes sure that quality facilities, transportation and services are offered to ensure your comfort. Example: Mekong Wellness Cruise Fact Sheet

What do retreat itineraries entail?

A typical retreat itinerary will include educational workshops, wellness classes (such as yoga, tai chi, meditation...), excursions to the surrounding areas and all meal arrangements. Our retreat team takes care of organizing every detail, from start to finish, so you can unwind and enjoy! You can find a detailed schedule for each retreat on our dedicated retreat page. Example: Mekong Wellness Cruise

How much free time will I have on a retreat?

Our retreat schedules are thoughtfully crafted to encourage relaxation. Each itinerary provides a good balance of activities and free time to allow reflection and integration.

Do I need to participate in all of the activities listed on the itinerary?

It is completely up to you which activities you wish to join in Recreational and Inspirational retreats. We recommend that guests take part in key activities and workshops hosted by experts, as these anchor the retreat, but activities such as yoga and excursions are optional. For Transformational and Immersive retreats, the program is compulsory to achieve desired outcomes, but if there are any concerns, this can be customized during consultations.

What kind of food & drinks will be served?

Our aim is to provide retreat guests with healthy, balanced meals and beverages using fresh ingredients so they feel nourished and energized. Recreational and Inspirational retreats will have a variety of food by the venue chef, but include vegetarian and vegan options, and minimal alcohol intake is encouraged. For transformational and immersive retreats, we offer a 100% plant-based menu by our retreat chef and no alcohol during these retreats. Please inform our team of dietary requirements so special arrangements can be made where possible.

Which languages will be spoken on retreats?

English and/or Vietnamese, depending on the retreat. Each retreat’s fact sheet will indicate which language(s) will be spoken. Mekong Wellness Cruise, for example, caters to both Vietnamese and English- speaking guests. Our workshops are split into English-only and Vietnamese-only workshops with similar content. Wellness classes and excursions will be led in both languages. See fact sheet here.

What are your booking, payment and cancellation policies?

Please visit each retreat fact sheet on our website for more information. Example: Mekong Wellness Cruise fact sheet here.

Can I arrive earlier or stay longer?

Our wellness retreats have set start and end dates. If Lumina Retreats guests wish to come earlier or stay a few extra nights, we have arranged special rates with our venue partners.

Do I need to bring anything from home?

We provide everything you need for your wellness retreat. However, if you prefer to bring your own yoga mat, you are most welcome to.

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